Richard Shaw is a Portrait, Fashion, Corporate, and Editorial Photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is also a sometimes writer and his  images and words have been featured in a broad spread of international magazines, newspapers, and other media.
For most of the 2000's Richard resided in Mainland China, using that vast and fascinating country as base to explore Asia and the wider world beyond. During that time he freelanced for several custom publishing companies, producing images and text on a broad spread of subjects for a variety of international magazines and newspapers.  
Since returning to his native Melbourne Richard’s talents have been directed to Portrait, Fashion, Editorial, Corporate, and Event Photography.His clients include ACP Magazines, Design House (Korea), Key Media, SPH Magazines (Singapore), Dow Chemical Corporation, Bank of Melbourne, Smartline Mortgage Advisers, and the Millinery Association of Australia.
Richard’s images have featured in a number of Solo Exhibitions and his image of the iconic M&G Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem, New York City, was featured inside the home of Robert Ironside - the main character of the American NBC Television Network's crime drama 'Ironside'
Horse Racing
It's an almost contradictory touch of irony that Richard’s other great love is Horse Racing - a passion that has led him on a photographic mission to capture the rights and rituals from racetracks across the globe. "People often ask 'Why' with a sense of bemusement, when I tell them of my passion for horse racing," he explains. “Perhaps I was a jockey in a former life - a kind of ridiculous notion given my 6'2" height! But, whatever the reason, I just love the buzz of the racetrack. In my eyes the world of horse racing is so much more than what merely happens on the track. Its a world spread far across the planet, and one I’ve set out to capture through photography."
With images capturing the ritualistic nature of horse racing from race tracks across the globe - from the back blocks of Tibet, Mongolia, & the Australian Outback to the sophistication of Royal Ascot & the ‘mint tulip’ sipping crowd at the Kentucky Derby - some of this work has been published previously and presented in a Solo Exhibition titled 'Courses For Horses'. Plans are also afoot to take the show elsewhere. To see some examples of this work visit The Races page in his Portfolio.
Racing Fashion, Millinery, and Fashion
Richard’s interest in the Sport Of Kings has seen him develop a fascination for the beautifully dressed women who roll up to the world’s biggest racing carnivals. Having become one of the leading photographers of Racing Fashion in Australia, his work continues to attract a growing band of followers and has been the subject of a major exhibition. 
Having attracted the attention of some renown Milliners and Fashion Designers, almost by accident he now thrives on the challenges of Fashion Photography.
e: richshaw1@gmail.com    t: (+61) 0466 691 451